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Compliance Health Check

ComplianceNow is now addressing the well-known problem faced by most companies when encountering the reality of SAP Compliance – “We know that we have challenges which need to be addressed within the compliance area but what are the real problems, how do we prioritize the challenges, and where do we begin?”

Why are SAP Compliance challenges difficult to approach?

  • Users, roles, authorizations, licenses, Segregation of Duties, and more are hopelessly tied together.
  • Data concerning authorizations are complicated why transparency is often non-existing.
  • Common problem is the lack of insight or data upon which to base your decision.
  • Changing compliance will have a great impact on the level of involvement of the business.

What are the challenges we ignore?

  • Our studies show that 25% to 50% of the roles allocated to the users are not used.
  • Up to 90% of the transactions allocated to users through roles are not used.
  • With the present set-up, to what extend are we exposed to risks (Segregation of Duties)?
  • Managing the company’s SAP Licenses are a considerable and sometimes neglected risk.

What is the process of a SAP Compliance Health Check?

  1. Our experienced Compliance Principals will discuss the exact compliance status of your company addressing the target areas of the Health Check.
  2. You will receive our step by step guide to extract the relevant data from your system. Data extraction usually takes about two hours’ work to perform.
  3. Your data will be uploaded to a designated system and processed by our experienced Data Team. Your data will be handled with strictest confidentiality.
  4. Based upon the agreed way of delivering the finding our Compliance Principals will present the conclusions as a report and/or in a meeting.

Download the Compliance Health Check flyer here

A possible next step

Let us help you make fast and fact based decisions for your future compliance direction. Call us for a non- binding discussion of how we can support your company in obtaining a new baseline to accelerate your compliance strategy.

If you have any questions to the Compliance Health Check, please send us a short email with your question to or give us a call. You can find our contact info on the page Meet the Team.