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Customer satisfaction begins with a successful implementation

One of our missions is happy customers and a key element to achieving this is an efficient and smooth implementation. To enable this, you not only have to be dedicated to supporting your customers in getting the product installed, but it all begins with designing the product to integrate easily into customers’ environments. We know that “easy” is not something that is traditionally connected to implementing SAP, but to serve our customers around the globe we are thoroughly committed to making the implementation of our products very simple.

Our installation process is proven by more than 150 customer installations worldwide. To underline that we take the installation of our products seriously, we offer you as our customer a fixed price on the installation support obligating us to support you efficiently and until you can sign off the installation.

To give you some insight into our mindset regarding the installation of ComplianceNow, we have listed some points to demonstrate the process below.

  • To increase transparency ComplianceNow is built on open source components.
  • We help every customer choose between ComplianceNow as either an AWS Cloud deployment or an on premise solution.
  • In the investigation phase, we offer our customers a free pre-installation meeting covering the architecture of ComplianceNow, cloud options, and the installation process.
  • The basic technical installation of ComplianceNow takes one to two days and a full Suite installation will require a few extra days to complete. We have customers executing the installation in as little as four hours.
  • Our customers will do the actual installation on-site and the ComplianceNow team will support the installation through email, phone or web-meeting if needed. If AWS Cloud is selected, we will naturally take full responsibility for this part leaving you with installing the SAP Add-on.
  • During the installation, our dedicated team will extend the opening hours to meet time zone differences ensuring the installation continues to run smoothly.
  • Your installation will always be supported by one of our two solutions centers located in Germany or Denmark.
  • Customer individuality and requirements is inescapable which is why we support multiple software components, DB, operating systems and SAP versions.
  • All installation will be followed up by a technical and functional verification performed by the Technical Manager and the Product Manager assigned to the customer installation.

If you have any questions to the installation process, please send us a short email with your question to or go to the contact page and direct the question to our Technical Manager or Product Manager. A reference call sharing experiences around the installation can be arranged with one of our customers as well.