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SAP Access Control - AC

Do you need a simple yet effective tool for SAP user access management? SAP Access Control from ComplianceNow is an uncomplicated solution that ensures the access risk management process becomes easier – without the need for major time- or financial investments.

Our SAP Access Control solution ensures a dynamic implementation of Segregation of Duties, as well as a user-friendly emergency success management and SAP user access management.

SAP Access Control – simple SAP access management

At ComplianceNow, our mission is to increase companies' productivity and transparency by simplifying and improving the use of SAP. Our SAP Access Control solution is therefore designed with a focus on simplicity rather than complexity to support the specific needs of companies running SAP who have the ambition of moving from today’s manually handled control environment to an automated one. Access Control is a preventive SAP integrated solution focusing on core risk management processes and functions.

Eventually, automated risk management is something that most companies need to take into consideration given the increasing complexity in the SAP landscape, where users need cross-functional access and where internal and external regulations are defining new standards. You might be doing a great job juggling the Segregation of Duties through a manual process combined with your extensive overview and experience, but is this rational or even possible in the long run? Things may have remained manual because the idea and the reputation of implementing a SoD tool seemed to be more of a threat than continuing to handle SoDs manually.

We have built our SAP Access Control solution because we know that we can support your transition from today’s manual or semi-automated SoD process to an automated process without the traditional hurdles associated with the implementation of a tool. In the design of our SAP Access Control, we have focused on the key SoD functionality and ensuring the application is easy to implement and simple to use. The maintenance of the tool and the rule set must be manageable for any compliance consultant thus ensuring a first-rate compliance level, and at the same time ensuring low cost operation of the application in the long run.

At ComplianceNow, satisfied customers are one of our most important missions, and as customer satisfaction starts with a successful implementation process, user-friendliness is given high priority in the development of our SAP solutions – and Access Control is, of course, no exception. 150 companies already use our SAP Access control solution, and all of them are ensured a clear risk management process.

Challenges addressed

  • Growing focus on Risk Management
  • SAP access control process is still a manual process
  • SAP is getting too complex to handle without automation
  • How do I get from the present Excel stage?
  • Available solutions reactive or too complex (SAP GRC too advanced)

Process Efficiency with Access Control

  • Preventive and integrated to SAP
  • Tailored to small to mid-size companies
  • Flexible rule-set options
  • Fast Implementation & low maintenance costs
  • Implementation of Risk Management does not need to be a BIG project



Why we built it

For a long time, it was an ongoing discussion in the ComplianceNow Development Team, whether we should initiate the construction of a Segregation of Duties tool or not. Why build a tool, when there are already so many tools on the market? If we put the effort into building a new tool, we needed to make a difference in the market, rather than just build another tool.

Eventually, we decided to keep a strong focus on key functionality in handling SoDs in today’s companies using SAP and leave out functionality, which we experienced was often never used by companies after implementing a risk management tool. The key to every decision was simplicity rather than complexity. Another ambition was that our customers, regardless of maturity level in risk management, should be able to adopt both the technology and the new automated process within weeks, and not months or years.

We also saw companies struggling with SoD chaos after implementing a solution, which is why the design of our risk rule-set, in close cooperation with one of the Big4 Audit companies, has been narrowed down to a manageable size. Less is sometimes more. Software companies are not auditors, which is why we made sure we could easily upload rule sets from our customers’ auditors or other sources.

We were a little bit anxious when we introduced the tool in 2014, and worried that perhaps we had been too narrowly focused on only basic functionality. However, we experienced companies stating “this is exactly what we need – do not add more complicated functionality”. Other companies, already using another SoD solution, stated that our level of functionality corresponded to what they were actually putting into use from their more complex solution. That was good news, we managed to make a difference.

User-friendly SAP Access control and easy implementation

Innovative tools are available for companies that use ComplianceNow – Authorization Process Manager, Usage Monitor and Access Control. The solution is easy to implement, and already 2-3 days after installation, your business will benefit from the automation process.

Access Control Functionalities

  • Real-time SoD analysis
  • Preventive SoD check analysis
  • User approval workflow
  • SoD risk reporting
  • Role and user SoD reporting
  • Risk usage reporting
  • Risk mitigation
  • Risk status dashboard
  • Predefined top 20 risks report
  • All reporting available in excel
  • Upload and download risk matric
  • Predefined ComplianceNow risks template
  • Simple risk matrices changes
  • Creation of multivariate side SoD risks
  • Supporting critical tcodes and critical access risks
  • Approval documentation log available
  • Logs for any risks detail changes