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Authorization Process Manager - APM

Are you making use of the traditional manual SAP process for handling authorizations errors? Or do you find yourself wasting time and resources reporting and analysing errors and retesting authorizations?

Then APM - SAP Authorization Process Manager - from ComplianceNow is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Here at ComplianceNow, we are dedicated to providing innovative SAP add-ons to companies and organizations all over the world. We have 150 international customers who are already using our SAP Authorization Process Manager to optimize their SAP projects, giving them a compliance product with a long list of benefits. With SAP Authorization Process Manager, you gain total control over your SAP authorizations and your testing process, a time-saving creation process for authorization objects in SAP Security, user-friendly authorization of SAP authorization transactions, and many other helpful features.

SAP Authorization Process Manager – save time and minimise costs

Why use our SAP Authorization Process Manager?

Authorization testing has always been a huge struggle for most companies implementing new roles or changing the existing roles. The reason for this is that it is impossible to avoid time-consuming tests of all roles and transaction codes to verify they work and support the business process. Secondly, testing a role concept consisting of anything between 600 and 1,500 transaction codes will unavoidably result in many authorization errors needed to be processed during the testing.

The result is a slow-moving test, huge time consumption, exceeded deadlines, frustrations and authorization roles that every so often will be released for production without being tested. Having seen this scenario being played out in project after project lead to the idea of making a solution that could resolve the problem as soon as it appears.

The SAP Authorization Process Manager from ComplianceNow is designed to deal with these challenges by making the process of testing run more efficiently and to reduce the cost of testing as well as the risk of project postponements due to authorizations. Thus, you avoid the frustration and having to waste resources on carrying out authorization tests as well as the hassle of SAP Authorization transactions and other obstacles you may be all-too-familiar with in your day-to-day work with SAP.

The easy way to implement APM - SAP Authorization

As a way of ensuring you get off to a great start, we can provide a technical manager and training manager in connection with the implementation of SAP Authorization Manager in your organization. Once implemented, you will no longer experience project delays due to authorization errors, while at the same time gaining a user-friendly authorization concept in SAP Security, full control over your SAP authorization transactions and technical support for day-to-day operation of the solution. Ultimately, it can result in as much as a 75% labour reduction over the course of a project in relation to authorizations.

It’s finally possible to full control over the authorization development and testing process!

Challenges addressed

  • Projects blocked by authorization errors
  • Huge time consumption and frustrated testers
  • Complex change management process
  • What was actually tested?
  • Impossible to keep deadlines and deliveries

Process Efficiency with Authorization Process Manager

  • End-to-end testing without intermission
  • Authorization Team not tied to the test
  • Efficient error handling and removal of project risks
  • Validation of level of testing before go-live
  • Role testing effort reduced by up to 75%



Why we built it

As mentioned in the introduction we experienced problems every time we had to support a test of authorizations which often resulted in a negative atmosphere fueled by frustrations in the tester group due to the hundreds of authorization interruptions. The result was either a poor process or untested and failing authorizations moving into the productive system or both. The Authorization Team often became the scapegoat, and to challenge this situation we tried to focus on how we could solve the problems at their root. Helping the testers would help ourselves. We began to focus on making it easier for the testers to execute an authorization test, building bridges over authorizations errors, and most importantly saving them time executing authorization tests. Testers would prefer to have SAP_ALL authorizations to avoid errors altogether, and we are able to offer them practically the same thing with Authorization Process Manager. Direct treatment at the root of the problem has yielded great results in numerous projects while ensuring that authorization roles were thoroughly tested.

Authorization Process Manager Functionalities

  • Authorization end-to end testing
  • Automated authorization unit testing
  • Authorization error reporting
  • Test documentation
  • Test reporting (Excel download)
  • Test management reporting
  • APM SU53 authorization error handling
  • Authorization approval email notification
  • Role development
  • CRM Web UI authorization handling
  • NWBC authorization error handling
  • Authorization error email notification
  • Automated test user creation
  • OneClick SU53 reporting and correction
  • Project test container restrictions
  • Test container
  • Real time SoD test analysis