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Emergency User Access - EUA

Do you know the situation? You have just invested a lot of money to convert your authorization roles to the minimum principle. Your authorization roles now contain the authorizations that have been approved by the responsible persons, IT security and data protection. After a short time, individual users need critical rights or critical rights combinations (SoD conflicts) that you no longer want to assign via the regular authorization roles. Without appropriate support and emergency user management, there is a high probability that the overview and control over the assignment of critical rights will be lost.

Challenges addressed

  • Access rights always an issue in case of an emergency
  • Emergencies often arise outside office hours
  • Wide access and/or SAP_ALL is a risk
  • Emergencies are not monitored and are undocumented
  • A manual process is slow, inappropriate and frustrating

Process efficiency with EUA

  • Self-service emergency handling for predefined users
  • Time spent on chasing emergency access eliminated
  • Self-service based on approved user matrix
  • SoD conflicts in use of additional rights are known and pre-approved
  • Removes an unproductive process of access enquiry and approvals

ComplianceNow’s Emergency User Access for SAP systems enables you to assign and monitor extensive authorizations in the event of support or emergency in a controlled environment. All activities performed with the support or emergency user in the SAP system are logged. Only users who have been authorized in advance as a support or emergency user can use these. Depending on the settings, an e-mail can be sent to management at the start of use. The self-service ensures that the rights are available quickly if required. Since the process has been clarified in advance and mapped in the tool, uncertainty and errors are avoided. The required information is available. The hectic allocation of SAP_ALL is no longer necessary.

Emergency User Access (EUA) is a component of the ComplianceNow suite. You can acquire the component separately and adapt it to your needs. You will receive a cost-effective alternative that you can easily combine with other products. Let us know your needs. We will be pleased to discuss how Emergency User Access can support your process. 

Why we built it

We experienced that many of our customers struggled with the manual process of Emergency User Access: a process that might have been documented but still not monitored, was slow and in general unsatisfying for the parties involved. The parties involved in an emergency user access process can be as many as five to six (requester – approver –administrator –compliance – auditor). As ComplianceNow in general has a strong focus on compliance operation improvements, it was natural for us to include the emergency access process as a part of our product portfolio.

EUA functionalities

  • Definition of a user/emergency/support user matrix
  • Unlimited number of emergency users configurable with appropriate rights
  • 24-hour self-service for predefined users according to the user/support/emergency user matrix
  • Standard process for using the emergency user can be set (which details, which documents, etc.)
  • Approval workflow
  • Texts for information e-mails freely selectable
  • Logging of all executed activities
  • The simultaneous use of an emergency user by two users is prevented
  • If required, additional rights can be assigned without the manual activities of an administrator; this saves time and avoids frustration and errors
  • Can be delivered as an SAP Add-On (Transport)