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ComplianceNow is ready to support your S/4HANA Migration testing

The S/4HANA ball is slowly starting to roll off the ramp and our many dedicated customers and partners are starting to ask us if we can support their upcoming authorization testing related to migrating to S/4HANA. Whether we can handle the complexity of both... Read more

Introducing UM Robot Detector

More and more procedures are being automated, reducing manhours and avoiding bothering employees with boring repetitive tasks. Some users may also use automated procedures without authorization. Using automated procedures, authorized or not, may have unwanted consequences... Read more

Internal Control, Digitalisation of your company’s control process

Internal Control from ComplianceNow is designed to make the process of internal controls focused, documented, responsive and effective... Read more

Do you have doubts if you need to improve your SAP SoD Management process?

ComplianceNow is now addressing the well-known problem faced by most companies when encountering the reality of SAP Compliance – “We know that we have challenges which need to be addressed within the compliance area but what are the... Read more

Free Online Training, Access Control

Are you using Access Control in your SAP environment and curious about the new features, or are you just curious Access Control? Then join us for an online training session in the new features of Access Control. For more information... Read more

Extension of CN Access Control Risk Library

For some years CN Access Control customers have been able to analyse the SAP authorizations on the SAP systems for Segregation of Duty risks (SoD). The SoD Risk Library, which is included in CN Access Control and is predefined by ComplianceNow in cooperation with auditors... Read more

CN Access Control now addresses Legacy Risks

Implementing Risk Management or SoD Controls is often done in a live system environment. This entails that end-users have already been assigned access privileges without the support of a dedicated access control mechanism, validating if the combination of authorizations... Read more

Free online training, Authorization Process Manager 2.0

Are you using Authorizations Process Manager (APM) to support your SAP authorization test processes, or are you just curious what APM 2.0 is all about? Then join us for an online training session in the new release of APM 2.0. For more information... Read more

Anonymization of data in ComplianceNow

Ever since the European parliament passed the General Data Protection Regulation in 2016, we have regularly been asked how the ComplianceNow suite will comply with the requirements. We are happy to announce that a solution to this issue is ready. We needed a solution for our data... Read more

PwC South Africa and ComplianceNow enters a Joint Business Relationship

On September 1 2018, PwC South Africa and Allgeier Enterprise Services, including ComplianceNow, entered into a Joint Business Relationship to provide, well thought through SAP Compliance solutions based on our clients' needs. Over the past... Read more

Authorization Process Manager 2.0

After ten years serving international customers in more than 12 countries in Europe and the US, we decided it was time to give Authorization Process Manager (APM) a well-deserved facelift. APM has, over the years, supported hundreds of SAP projects, ensuring that authorizations were... Read more

Partnership between Nagarro and ComplianceNow

Today Nagarro and ComplianceNow is announcing their formal partnership with the joint mission of empowering companies running SAP: Making SAP Compliance Manageable and Transparent. Nagarro provides digital disruption technology services on a global scale... Read more