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Søndre Ringvej 55
2605 Brøndby - Denmark

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Fahnenbergplatz 1
79098 Freiburg im Breisgau – Germany

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Westerbachstraße 32
61476 Kronberg im Taunus – Germany

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Who we are

ComplianceNow is an innovative product company providing high-end SAP compliance solutions to improve the productivity, efficiency, and transparency of compliance processes in companies and organizations running SAP. Our goal is to innovate, build, and deliver proven compliance products that will make a difference to our customers in their efforts towards handling the wide-reaching system complexity while adjusting to the ever more restrictive governance standards on the path to compliance.

With more than 10 years of experience building SAP compliance products we have not only delivered a range of high-end and proven compliance products to hundreds of international customers, but we have also built up the groundwork for how to constantly refine our products to meet the present and future demands of our customers. One of our objectives is Happy Customers. This may sound corny, but for us this is a serious business parameter. We will work 24/7 exhausting all possible resources in order to solve any customer difficulty. This regardless whether the customer is large or small, new or established. We believe that making customers happy will keep us in the game for the long run.

Another key business driver is innovation. We strive to follow the innovative path of SAP to keep our products relevant and fill in the gaps where SAP has chosen not to focus. A key development guideline for us is simplicity over complexity. Basically, this mean that we want to deliver products that work and not just solve a problem by introducing another. This gives us a very clear product roadmap focusing our energy on where our product will make a difference and, just as importantly, decide where it will not.

To strengthen our market growth throughout Europe and the US, the ComplianceNow Team joined the Allgeier Group in 2017 and is now part of Allgeier Enterprise Services Denmark. Being part of a very customer orientated and innovative software company like Allgeier is the key element in serving our customers even better tomorrow than today and to take our innovation capabilities and products to a higher level.

Our products:

Our vision

Making SAP Compliance Manageable and Transparent

Our objectives

  • Solve operational pains within SAP authorizations and compliance
  • Our products must overall have a low TCO
  • Our products must be easy to adapt
  • Key business driver is Happy Customers
  • Our actions are guided by integrity and trust